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Audience guide

Whether you're new to outdoor theatre, or if you're an expert Illyrian, check out the advice below to make the most of your experience this summer.

Enjoy the sun safely


The UK isn't exactly famous for good weather, but it does happen. Prepare for a hot day by bringing sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. We also recommend some insect repellent. As the sun sets, bring a coat in case it gets chilly too.

Pack a picnic


You've got an opportunity to pack all of your favourite foods! Celebrate summer in style with champagne, cakes, crisps, caviar... Some venues might sell snacks in the interval and picnics might not be welcome. Every place is different so check first.

Running late?


Generally, arriving 30-minutes before the show leaves enough time to queue and get settled. Latecomers will be admitted, but our actors reserve the right to make a joke or two about tardiness!

Near or far


Venue staff will help you choose where to sit. Our actors are hugely talented and have great, powerful voices! As such, we don't use microphones. So choose somewhere to sit that is right for you - closer to the stage means louder.

Rain doesn't stop play


Rain doesn't stop Illyria. Come prepared for bad weather by packing a waterproof jacket. We'll ONLY cancel performances if the weather becomes dangerous, so get in touch with the venue if you're unsure.

Furry friends


Dogs are allowed at most venues (check with the venue if in doubt), but we expect them to be well behaved. Remember that assistance/guide dogs are always welcome. If you rely upon a service animal, find out more about your rights by clicking here.

Performance lengths


Performance lengths are advertised on our website, and will include a short interval unless indicated otherwise.



We have different relationships with different venues. Many sell tickets themselves, and others are sold via our website. If you have extra questions, please get in touch. You can approach the venue directly about logistics, tickets, and any access requirements. Ask us about the performances and what you can expect on the day.

No umbrellas, please


Leave these at home, you'll only end up with a sore arm. They can obstruct the view for others too.

Take a seat


Grass stains aren't a good look, so you'll definitely need something to sit on. Bring a cushion, camping chair, or a blanket. Top tip: anybody sitting on blankets is more likely to be given a space near the front.

Smile for the camera


We love seeing your photos online after each performance. You're welcome to take some pictures, but please be respectful of those around you. Not everybody will want to become an internet sensation. Focus on yourselves, the performance, and remember to keep the flash turned off.

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